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Concepts of global environmental governance 14 juillet 2014

Jean-Frédéric Morin, Amandine Orsini (éd.), Essential Concepts of Global Environmental Governance, Routledge, 2015, 252 pages.

Concepts of global environmental governance
This textbook is a timely and up-to-date compilation of the main pieces of the global environmental governance puzzle. It includes 101 entries, each defining a central concept in global environmental governance, presenting its historical evolution, introducing related debates and including key bibliographical references and further reading. This unique work synthesizes writing from an internationally diverse range of well-known experts in the field of global environmental governance. Innovative thinking and high profile expertise come together to create a volume that is accessible to students, scholars and practitioners alike.

"This volume provides an essential glossary of critical terms and concepts in the field of international environmental politics for diplomats, analysts and students. The interdisciplinary array of expert authors provide terse and authoritative overview of the key concepts and debates that have defined the field of international environmental governance over the years. The entries carefully survey the intellectual ecosystem of the concepts applied to understanding and managing our global environmental crisis."
Peter M. Haas, Professor of Political Science, University of Massachusetts Amherst, USA
"In a truly unique way, this book helps to connect the dots and navigate between the concepts, ideas and schools of thought in global environmental policy today. As environmental issues climb higher on the global agenda, I would highly recommend this book to all who wish to better understand the insights of sustainable global governance."
Connie Hedegaard, European Union Commissioner for Climate Action
"The global community is at a crossroads in respect to addressing climate change. A solid understanding of global environmental governance empowers people to better shape positive democracy that determines a safer future. This book makes a valuable contribution to societal understanding and societal change. Those who care about the world we leave to our children should take inspiration from its many and varied contributors drawn from so many disparate but interlocking disciplines."
Christiana Figueres, Executive Secretary, United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change
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