Portail des Humanités Environnementales

Environmental Politics 1 juillet 2014

Mise en ligne du Volume 23 numéro 4.

 Environmental Politics

Research Articles

Searching for ‘the political’ in environmental politics
Anneleen Kenis and Matthias Lievens 531

The right to doubt: climate-change scepticism and asserted rights to private property
Alex Y. Lo 549

Green means stop: veto players and their impact on climate-change policy outputs
Nathan J. Madden 570

Commodity exports and transboundary atmospheric impacts: regulating coal in an era of climate change
Aran Martin 590

States’ interests at international climate negotiations: new measures of bargaining positions
Federica Genovese 610

The political duality of scale-making in environmental markets
Arno Simons, Aleksandra Lis and Ingmar Lippert 632

Neoliberal environmental justice: mainstream ideas of justice in political conflict over agricultural pesticides in the United States
Jill Lindsey Harrison 650

Representing and regulating nature: boundary organisations, portable representations, and the science–policy interface
Rolf Lidskog 670

Progress or return? Interpreting Leopold’s ‘land ethic’ as an evolutionary- ecological critique of modernity
Nathan Dinneen 688

Book Reviews 704

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