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RECOMS : Deux bourses doctorales au Rachel Carson Center 27 décembre 2017

The RCC is looking for two doctoral candidates to join an Innovative Training Network on ''Building Resourceful and Resilient Communities Through Adaptive and Transformative Environmental Practice (RECOMS).''

RECOMS : Deux bourses doctorales au Rachel Carson Center
RECOMS is an H2020 MSCA Innovative Training Network. The purpose of RECOMS is to train 15 Early Stage Researchers (ESRs) in innovative, transdisciplinary, and transformative approaches to promoting and facilitating resourceful and resilient community environmental practice. The ESRs will enroll for doctoral study in one of the 15 projects offered by the seven hosting institutions. The 15 positions can be found here, together with links to further information on the corresponding doctoral study projects. From early January 2018, the formal recruitment of candidates for these 15 PhD Research vacancies will begin. In addition to undertaking doctoral research, the ESRs will engage in a series of collaborative research and training activities. They will be encouraged to critically, practically, and creatively explore the contribution and relationships between their individual doctoral study projects across three interconnecting research themes: ''Unlocking and Empowering;'' ''Adapting and Transforming''; ''Connecting and Collaborating.''

The RCC will host the following two projects:
- "Transforming the Bavarian Forest: A Historical Perspective"
- "Transformation and Restoration: Portland and Munich"


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