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The Politics of Actually Existing Unsustainability 23 février 2012

John Barry, The Politics of Actually Existing Unsustainability, Human Flourishing in a Climate-Changed, Carbon Constrained World, Oxford, Oxford University Press, 2012.

The Politics of Actually Existing Unsustainability
Going against both the naive techno-optimism of 'greening business as usual' and a resurgent 'catastrophism' within green thinking and politics, The Politics of Unsustainability offers an analysis of the causes of unsustainability and diminished human flourishing. It makes a case for seeing that it is profound and deepening unsustainability and growing injustice that characterises the modern world, and that therefore the focus of green or other progressive thinking should shift from its current framing in terms of 'sustainability', 'sustainable development', and 'theories of justice'. The book locates the causes of unsustainability in...
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